BruteIPTV Announcement - Jan 17th 2020


With the new year, we have new changes. We are no longer selling Crystal. We will continue to support our clients that have subs with them and report any issues you have until your account expires. While the service is great, we did not feel it would be fair to almost double the pricing as we were being required to do as well as our pricing being doubled. 


We are pleased to announce the release of ParadigmTV. This service is just like Crystal as it lets you select how many connections (1-4)  but with the high bitrate of the other providers. We have made it so there are only 2 selections; XXX or no XXX and then how many connections you want. You can still combo it with other providers as well at a great discount!


We have been testing this service for a while and feel all of our current and new users will love it just as much as we do. It will also compliment Beast or Sportz as a combo. 


To take $1 off for 1 or 3 month (applies to 1-4 connections) service of ParadigmTV, use 1off at checkout. This will expire 3/1/20


We are still not taking any MAG lines or Paypal for payment.




Crystal Announcement - Jan 22nd 2020

Crystal has changed servers and ports. To get things back to working, you must log out of your application and refresh DNS. If your app does not have that option, clear data on it (this will remove all settings from your app) and log back on. 


If using M3U, change port to 8080 as well as for the EPG. 

BruteIPTV Announcement - Jan 21st 2020

With P$ Vu3 being shutdown at the end of the month, the providers are working to replace channels/suppliers so that there is not down time during crunch time and are better prepared for this. This relates to a lot of local and other popular channel categories. Due to this, you may not see your favorite category or channel until fixed. We are turning off trials until this is fixed as we do not want users to think this is how service will always be for any provider we resell.  Trials have been turned back on as of 1/25/20. Please remember, only Mon-Thur for trials.

We stride on being transparent and want to inform you all as much as we can. If any questions, please ask in discord (if not in discord, ask for invite; must be current sub to one of our services) or use the Contact Us form.

Crystal Announcement - Jan 19th 2020

Crystal had major outage last night and caused them to restore from backup that may have wiped accounts out. While we no longer resell them, we still support our clients. Please use the contact us link and let us know your order number and we will get your account fixed. They are still having issues but this way, can get account re-created/extended for you.