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Here are some simple steps to perform before we escalate to deeper troubleshooting.

Round 1 (clearing cache)
1) Go into Android Settings on your device and find APPS
2) Select the APP you are having trouble with (ie. Beast App/PerfectPlayer/etc)
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Storage
5) Select Clear Cache
6) Reboot your device
7) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?

Round 2 (Network)
1) Unplug all devices that connect to your network
2) Unplug your Router (if applicable)
3) Unplug your Modem
4) Wait 5 minutes to allow the network to flush
5) After 5 minutes has passed plug everything back in the reverse order
6) Retest

Still Experiencing an Issue?

Round 3 (Fresh Start)
1) Go into Android Settings on your device and find APPS
2) Select the APP you are having trouble with (ie. Beast App/PerfectPlayer/etc)
3) Select Force Stop
4) Select Storage
5) Select Clear Cache
6) Select Clear Data
7) Select Uninstall
8) Restart your device
9) Download a NEW copy of the APP in question and install it
10) Retest

If you are using a VPN you should let us know. This can solve issues but can also create them.

Our everyday pricing is as low as we can go. From time to time, we may post a coupon in our discord. If you haven’t joined, join now.

Please note, discord is only for current subscribers. 

Yes you may take it with you as long as you aren’t watching it in multiple locations at the same time.

Yes. Some IPs are even throttling and a VPN will assist with resolving your issues. Please avoid using Canadian servers as they are known for causing issues.

For UK residents some channels will require a VPN.

Yes there are a few different apps for Apple TV that work with IPTV. GSE & IPTV Smarters are two popular apps that work with Apple TV.

Yes we do. If you are a member of our service you may request an invite. Reply to your email with account details for an invite.

We charge $1 for our trials. This is to ensure that our customers can pay using the methods we accept. If you decided to sign up we will credit the amount of your trial towards your first month. On occasion we will post coupon codes for free trials.

Yes, but you may need a VPN for some channels.

No a renewal is added to your existing subscription. You will not lose any days of credit if you renew early.

No. Most reputable providers have removed these categories from their line up to avoid legal issues. Re-broadcasting live tv is a legal gray area while hosting the actual content is definitively illegal. VOD and Catch-up cause DMCA takedown notices which is a contributor to downtime and/or a lack of resources which can manifest in buffering or missing content.

Main difference is Caesar comes with 4 connections, Sportz is 2-10, and Caesar is 1-4. Caesar has a high birate as well. We recommend a combo and at least 1 month of service to see which best fits your needs. Your results may very from others.

The best budget device is the Amazon Firestick 4k at $50. You want a good internet connection and an ethernet adapter from Amazon is a good option. Alternatively, a 5ghz WiFi router with a strong connection should also be adequate.

The best app by far is TiviMate and support can be found on the subreddit /r/tivimate and the installation guide for an Amazon Firestick can be found here.

There are alternative apps, such as Perfect Player, IPTV Smarters, XCIPTV but in my opinion TiviMate offers the best live TV experience.

The best Stalker based device would be the Formuler z8 at approx $150.

The winner for overkill for an android based device would be the NVIDIA SHIELD TV at $200. The processor will take anything you can throw at it. It’s a great device but a bit overkill for just IPTV. Other good options worth mentioning:

  • Minix Neo U1
  • Raspberry Pi

What about MAG boxes? Old GUI. Outdated menus. So many better options. Some MAG box manufacturers are starting to block IPTV streams.

Please go to our shop and add the items to your cart to see our pricing.

For customers in USA we accept Venmo, Cash App and bitcoin. For international customers we only accept bitcoin.

We have been asked by our providers to not post channel listings public.

Caesar IPTV

Caesar IPTV allows 4 connections from 2 different IP’s. 

Caesar has an app for android based devices like the Firestick, FireTV, Nvidia Sheid. Caesar also provides m3u8 links which can be used on Apple TV with apps like Kodi, IPTV Smarters and GSE Smart IPTV. Caesar will work with MAG devices. Caesar will not work with a Roku.


You can sign up for 1-4 connections. If you have 2 or more connections, it is 2 different IPs at a time. It is not IP locked.

We are very proud of this service but at the same time, results may very. We try to be as transparent as possible with our clients. It is why we do not recommend just a trial but at least a 30 day sub. This will give you better insight into the service.

Rebrand means we do not use the name of the provider and give it our own name. This helps with security as well as being able to give you the best pricing possible.

ParadigmTV is an exclusive rebrand of BruteIPTV. We rebrand a service that has been around for a long time and offers the best options for you.

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